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5 Benefits of URL Shortener

1. Ability To Earn Adsense

Most URL shorteners have no idea to help users make money, on we help you earn faster by placing google adsense on your shortened links, just provide your pub-id.

2. Uses Less of Your Precious Characters

When it involves Twitter particularly, saving each doable character is essential. obtaining your message across in a hundred and forty characters or less will want rocket science occasionally. currently strive doing it with a link that's seventy five characters long. Seriously.. try it. It‘s nearly not possible. conjointly take into account the optimum tweet length is somewhere around one hundred ten characters and you'll see the matter.

3. Promotes Sharing

Which one appearance easier to share?


Shorter links build sharing considerably easier, that promotes sharing as an entire. we tend to square measure all hoping to urge as several shares as doable once we post. therefore why would we wish to form the method of sharing any tougher than it's to be?

4. individuals square measure accustomed Them

If everybody was jumping of a bridge would you? we might advocate you don’t, however once it involves shortened URLs, connexion the bulk makes complete sense. Shortened URLs became therefore common that almost all individuals don’t even concentrate to them. However, associate degree unshortened computer address stands proud sort of a sore thumb and a few readers would possibly even take into account it amateurish.

5. Higher Click Through Rate

People square measure accustomed seeing shortened links on social media. thanks to this, victimization shortened links can increase your click through rate. it's one among the best changes you'll build to your posting strategy so as to extend the effectiveness. Not convinced? strive it out yourself and check the analytical data! See, having the ability to trace your shortened link’s success is already coming back in handy.

Final Thoughts

When it involves social media, shortened URLs square measure the sole quite URLs. If you're not already victimization them, it's positively time to start out. the wonder of posting with eClincher is that by merely repeating and pasting a computer address into the text box, your link are shortened and therefore the title and image are connected. On high of this, analytical trailing can instantly begin. provides it a compete free and see for yourself!